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    To prevent the people who ran Challenor Property from scamming anyone else. If you've had dealings with Challenor Property, were scammed by them and feel you might not get your money back, this is the place for you. It's the spot to leave a warning message about Peter Cabert and Chris Douglas who Challenor Property, a company that lied to and scammed people out of thousands of pounds. Hopefully we can prevent others from becoming involved with anyone who ran that company. Get in touch at challenorscam@googlemail.com
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This case is now live, anyone posting on public forums should be mindful of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act – For this reason comments are temporarliy disabled.


Yorkshire Police have charged 4 men with fraud…tee hee, tee hee, tee hee …

Read about it here and here.

Chris Douglas, pictured left, and his wife hang out at the Ackhorne Pub on st Martins Lane in York (off Micklegate)

UPDATE! Chris Douglas might soon start hanging out in PRISON!!!

Did you get caught up in the Challenor Property Club Scam?
Did you fork out cash to these dodgy liars at Regency House, York?
Don’t feel ashamed, here’s the place to vent*.
Here’s a place to tell your story and list the names of the people you gave money to at Challenor Property, who then lied to you or ignored you, refusing to take your calls, and then disappeared.

Challenor Property were quick to take the money I owed THEM but not too quick at giving back money they owed ME. In fact they were so slow the company closed before they got the post box with my cheque.

After months of being ignored and then lied to by Challenor Property, I’ve decided to seek revenge. It’s time for some simple naming and shaming of these people I spoke to at Challenor property who assured me I would get my money back.

Even though the phones no longer ring at the Challenor Property Office, someone must know someone who knows where these people are.

Please feel free to post your own stories about Challenor Property and the people you dealt with there.

Email your stories to- challenorscam@googlemail.com and I’ll post them here.

Otherwise use the comment box to tell others of your experience with Challenor Property.

242 Responses

  1. What part did Peter Carbert play in all this? I lost £12,500 on this and Carbert assured me that i could have my money back if i wasn’t happy. What a joke he obviously knew the score, i even told him how i had to borrow the money that i paid in. I see that he has been involved in previous scams with Douglas.

  2. he was the “your friend” in the scam he probably said something like this dont worry even if the worse happens and you only do one deal a month you could pay them back out of the 5-6k how that man sleeps at night

  3. Heres the domain name registration information for challenorproperty.com
    There’s an address there, but I’m nowhere near Yorkshire.
    Might help though-

    Challenor Investments
    peta house, 3 church lane
    skelton, Yorkshire_England yo30 1x


    Administrative Contact:
    peta, karen
    peta house, 3 church lane
    skelton, Yorkshire_England yo30 1x
    Technical Contact:
    peta, karen
    peta house, 3 church lane
    skelton, Yorkshire_England yo30 1x

    Registration Service Provider:
    SiteSell Inc.
    514-849-0828 (fax)

  4. i think that scabby little creep is the one i payed my money to, via ‘solaris’ in spain. He was telling me he owned land in thailand and was planning to build a hotel after talking to the hotel chains like hilton to get specs so he can build with the intention of flogging it to the highest bidder, he told me he’d been married a few times and now owned a house in thailand complete with wife or g/f as well as the land for the hotel. perhaps where they are all going with our money, so watch out for dodgt stuff in thailand! who knows they might stitch up the wrong people over there and get the local justice dished out to them!

  5. Karen Peta is the wife of Chris Douglas.
    It seems she was involved in the eforyou.com scam with him.

    Have called the number listed with the domain registrant, but of course it’s out of service.

  6. Hi all,

    I also attended seminar fell for all false promises, out of pocket to 18000.

    Just found this site after googling trying to track them down after phone numbers stopped working.

    tonight checked my e-mails had an mail from company called Access Property Developments LLP, looking exactly same as Challenor’s old property release. Went ont osite, no phone number or anything but is located in doncaster, York !! bit more digging finds out that they were incorporated on 04 june 08 ! ! is this a coincidence.

    It may be someone has copied Challenor business plan or chris has gone straight back into old tricks.

    Any one else heard of them?



  7. think you will find access property is run by ex challenor Dave popperton are these people daft or do they think we will just walk away.i am and another “challenor conned” are just waiting for them to show up and we will be looking for our money off them.bet you Douglas is just on the outside as a “consultant” to access

  8. It seems to offer more of the same kind of stuff as Challenors; promises of hand-holding and mentoring while you enter the dangerous world of property.

    I wouldn’t go near any of these companies ever again and would warn anyone off.

  9. I lost £7k and they were so rude when I tried getting it back I was tempted to fly to York and have it out face to face!

    Dave Poppleton took my money and i’m determined to get it back. He and others will pay.

  10. You know where to find him now, at Access Property Developments
    The website is registered in his name.

  11. Chris Douglas – Larkfield, Naburn Lane, Fulford, York. YO19 4RF. 07788114477

    Here’s an address for Chris Douglas and a phone number.
    I tried phoning but it rang out.

  12. thanks jasmine do you know if hes still residing there .i would gladly visit him to serve him with my writ which he has totally ignored.i would also visit him in spain how can we get his address over there.ihave also had emails from access property if that is poppleton fronting that business hes one cheeky bastad i agree with neil little above these people need to pay for their deceit.poppleton defended his hero boss douglas ferociously refusing point blank to listen about giving finders fees back or any money back ….peter h

  13. can anyone publish a picture of douglas. i know what poppleton looks like he was in a challoner flyer grinning out of it with a sickly grin on his face.i have a challenor sales brocher im wondering if the models in the brocher are challenor employees.

  14. Hi Peter,
    I don’t know what Douglas looks like.
    I don’t know if anyone went on one of those intro seminars that were free but there was a guy who spoke there about living in Spain, how he’d come back solely to talk to seminar-goers about how great their lives could become through going on Challenor courses.
    I remember him being a dumpy wide-boy type.
    If anyone else has a picture of Douglas, and perhaps the police might, then let’s stick it here.
    As for Cabert, I seem to remember he favoured pin-stripe suits.
    Poppleton was balding and quite short.
    If you still have the flyer Peter, please scan it in and I’ll post his face here.

  15. with regards to whether Chris Douglas still lives at that address, I was given the address again this morning from one of his former employees.
    Try the number again too, I had no luck.

  16. This is a link for a document about the collapse of Challenors, an apology from Chris Douglas-

    (copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser)

    Note on the 28th May they talk about a change in company ownership which didn’t happen, though we were told over the phone by Phil Ames, Jo Foster and couple of other people, Mark Douglas I think was one, that the company had been sold to Carl Guilfoyle. We then received a letter to say the company had been sold but accounts were frozen for 6-8 weeks.
    Seems like Mr Douglas and others speak with fork tongue.

    This document was sent to me by a former employee of Challenor.

  17. just read document about douglas going bankrupt where does this leave us all? i am writing to my mp to raise profile of the case.can douglas and his cronies be forced to sell their assets to pay us back? peter

  18. Peter, go the What We Can Do page and read the email I posted there. It’s the last comment.
    There’s talk of some people getting a class action suit together against Douglas…

  19. has anybody heard from the Yorkshire police, i have been in touch with the BBC Watchdog but not got back to me

  20. hi jasmine whats a class action suite and what can it do? peter

  21. Hi Peter,
    A class action suit -A legal device allowing a group of individuals with a claim against a company or an individual to join together as plaintiffs in a single suit

    An ex Challenor employee passed me a list of email addresses and I have just contacted several of them to see what they are doing about this class action suit.

    My partner contacted the police also and she hasn’t heard from them.
    She has also contacted the official receiver and has heard nothing as yet.
    As soon as she does I’ll let you know.

  22. does anyone have any contact details for Solaris World please? Our “advance” of £4k on a property purchase (made to Challenor) was routed through them as a Euro payment (on a credit card). I understand that they may refund the money if they have evidence that Challenor have ceased trading. Anyone else heard similar? Otherwise I am considering trying credit card companies under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, but am not holding out too much hope…….Count me in for any class action too!

  23. I went to Barclays bank about this and apparently if you paid them using your credit card you might be able to get your money back if its an actual case of fraud. However if its bankcruptcy Im not so sure. I suggest you contact your credit card company and see what they say.

    Some oneelse has mention the name Solaris in connection with Peter Cabert . Wasnt that some dodgy Spanish property company??

  24. i have just received a phonecall from david poppleton ex challenor sales manager he has lost 47k to challenor personally and is in the same boat as all of us investors and a lot worse.i appreciate the contact as i had a very low opinion of mr poppleton but after speaking to him at length he was very open and frank so i would like to retract all my comments i have made about mr poppleton above.he is willing to speak to any challenor investors he has also set up access property developments with phil aimes and is trying to get his money back just like all of us thanks david..peter

  25. hi peter, that sounds like a positive move, perhaps david and phil and anyone else who was involved in the running of the company might like to organise a meeting with everyone, we can then perhaps set about re couping our losses, and giving us the means and the inside story to persue the ones who ripped us off! i think we stand a far better chance of winning this battle that way.

  26. i forgot to add, the ones involved who don’t want to meet up are likely to be the ones to go for. sound good?

  27. I also spoke with dave and he was very helpful he told me that if any body had any problems he is willing to speak to them and help them.since speaking to him i now feel a lot better about the future

  28. That’s good news. I also had a chat last week with Mark Hodgson.
    Very nice guy.
    I think it’s a good idea, as Tony suggested to have some kind of a meeting with the Phil and David.
    I had spoken to Phil a couple of weeks before things went tits-up and he had assured me that things would be okay with the business.
    Seems like they are semi in the same boat as everyone else.

    Has anyone heard back from the police?

  29. i have received an e-mail from north yorkshire police tonight just to say that they are looking into the challenor case and will be in touch again in the near future i also think it would be a good idea to meet up with everyone along with any ex challenor employees peter

  30. I think the next move is to use the lists of e-mail addresses that someone must have to contact ALL the people who have put money in, and find out exactly how much each person has lost, including dave poppleton and phil amies etc, we will then know the true extent of the problem in money terms. We can use this to help the police, and ourselves to focus on getting everyones money back by using the business model already there. it needs to be a combined effort on a large scale and when everyone has their money back we can concentrate on building the business into what it is capable of being, the biggest property club in the uk! We have all had an expensive lesson in what not to do and can use that to do it the right way.
    what we need now are the numbers and some real organisation. i’m open to meet anywhere to get the ball rolling.

  31. Here’s an article on Richard Hodgson.


  32. Hi Jasmine, I’ve just found this site. I’ve been ripped off in a big way by those rats and I want revenge. However, for other reasons, I haven’t been opening e-mails from unknown senders recently. I don’t know if you’ve tried to send anything to my e-mail address. If I didn’t recognise the sender, chances are, I deleted it. I really feel I’ve been left out in the cold but that might be my fault. Can you let me know how to recognise your e-mails in the future.

  33. see my posted on what we can do re Official receiver and North Yorkshire police

  34. The Challoner fraudsters are running a new scam called The Wealth Foundation, offering various ludicrous get-rich-quick schemes.

    They send lots of spam claiming to come from “Terri Kua”, however, it uses challoners old mail server to do the sending (mta-123.challenoruk.com [])

    I would very much like to meet these guys in a dark alley.

  35. > Chris Douglas – Larkfield, Naburn Lane, Fulford, York. YO19 4RF. 07788114477

    Spams from The Wealth Foundation (see my previous post), have affiliate url’s in them, and they all begin with larkfield, so I would assume it has some significance.

    Im guessing however, that its not his home address, but simply a drop off place where he can pick up mail. Who knows what he’ll find next time

  36. HI Nan…..2 posts above- I haven’t sent any emails to you.

    Paul, can you give me the exact name of the website for the Wealth Foundation.
    I couldn’t find one online.

    My partner has had correspondence with David Cameron’s office over the matter of Chris Douglas and his scams.

    I’m sure he would be very interested if Douglas and his gang of charlatans started something else up.

  37. Hi Catherine,

    He was spamming under the pseudonym “Terri Kua” from thewealthfoundation dot com.

    At the time this was a very convincing website. I did a bit of detective work, and reported him to the provider which hosts his websites DNS servers. The website is now a generic portal page (I dont know if thats because of my abuse report though)

    He is still spamming from under that pseudonym though, I received one just an hour ago

    I’m very interested in tracing him, for my own reasons.
    Heres what else Ive found, if youre interested

    All his spam mails go through the server mta-123.challenoruk.com. This is a often good way of identifying whether a spam is from him.

    Also he has now started trying to make money by various affiliate marketing schemes.
    Most of these use a clickbank ‘hoplink’, and his clickbank user id is ‘larkfield’. Again, Im trying to get this shut down.

  38. Here he is again, in May 2008, advertising for a software developer, to write all his spam sites


    Chris’s email is flytofreedom@aol.com and he has used this as far back as 2005, when he was spamming newsgroups..


  39. Everyone on this post seems to have lost money, but I wondered if anyone ever actually completed a purchase through Challenor? Did it start off as a genuine business or was the whole thing a scam from the beginning?

    • Yes, we purchased one property OK in 2007.

      All went fine, except the builder kept some of the proplerties and let them at £100 per month less than the rental valuation we had been given, so we had a hard job renting it out,
      and the valuation was inflated, even before the property market became depressed.

      We are now left with a property worth the same as the mortgage, and had to pay more mortgage than rent for 2 years.

      Oh and of course we had paid thousands to Challenors for our “membership fees” and “training fees” so are well out of pocket.

  40. hi john
    i bought a new flat from them 18mths ago,no probs apart from ones you get from builders

  41. Hi All,

    The hodgsons are now partners with Chek Whyte (secret millionaire C4) in ‘Barrington Whyte’ based in Leicester. Ive recently been along and have handed over £2k for a training day i go on tomorrow to work in their credit reclaim business.
    Obviously everything ive read here and a tip off from someone on a forum was news to me following the meeting and having given them a cheque, i’m obviously now quite concerned and wondering what to expect tomorrow!!! 😦

  42. Interesting, because I was starting to come to the same conclusion, having recieved spam mail about Barrington Whyte. This suggests either Chris Douglas is also involved and is up to his usual tricks, or the Hodgsons are already using illegal marketing techniques… great start for a new company.

    Newbie, you should cancel the cheque if at all possible, and steer clear. It WILL end in tears, all of the people involved have a track record since 2001 of scam after scam, all based on the same old business model.

  43. I have emailed the relevant posts in this blog about them trading again and the details about the url to Melanie Stanton York CID who is in charge of this investigation. I will let you know what I hear back.

    No new by the way from Jack Straw on this matter but will report back if and when I hear anything.

    Thanks for everyone contributions. If we do get any money back I dont think its going to be for a while but maybe these guys could end up in prison which would be some justice at least

  44. I too have received spam from this wealth foundation site. I replied to it with some choice words. Im sure it wont get through but boy did it make me feel better sending it!

  45. you could try Carl Gilfoyle on 07936602859 – he was living in Kent ( rented ) 01634713960.

    Allan Mackie is 07939112463

  46. how about you try me geeman you prick

  47. hi newbie,i too have been on course & paid money to become agent to reclaim credit cards etc.i was very ecited about this opportunity until reading this forum.how did you get on with the course.?

  48. Just found this site, we did lose so some money, it was actually D Poppleton that convinced us, i understand he is in the same boat as us so don’t blame him to much
    We do feel a bit gullable though
    We were contacted by Yorkshire police a few months ago but not heard anything recently
    We too have been receiving emails from Access, did think it sounded a lot like Challenor so stayed away

  49. just started receiving spam (..along the usual Challenor lines…) from VIP (Vantage Investment Properties) with a link to their site. Lo and behold, their registered office is Regency House – the old Challenor address. Names on the website are Andrew Wakefield and Tony Orange…although the email contains the names “Dave and John”. Anyone any news on police / bankruptcy / recovering funds from credit cards etc.?

  50. Hi,

    I thought I was the only one scammed by the Challenors, I have had terrible experiences with these scums and I have been under lots of stress due to these experiences. I paid almost £7 grand over a year ago, and despite all my communications with a woman called Jo Munro who apparently was the company’s financial accountant, who kept telling me that I was on a waiting list for refund. I have recieved nothing what so ever.

    These people should be behind bars. I don’t know how they sleep in the night.

  51. I am also out of pocket by 5k to Douglas please let me know if any group action is taken, I am in !!!!!

  52. Chris Douglas and his wife hang out at the Ackhorne Pub on st Martins Lane in York (off Micklegate)
    He is there often after work hours 6pm onwards.
    Just in case anyone is in the area and would like to confront him, them, directly. I have no idea what he looks like but if anyone has a picture of him…….

  53. HKB, it seems there were quite a few women by the name of Jo lying through their teeth at Scumbag HO.
    I spoke to a Jo Foster who promised the same thing; Cheque’s in the mail, company’s been sold, you’re first in line for a payout.

    Lies, lies, lies, they only told lies.

    Anyway, looks like there’s a hole where the rats hang out…..

  54. Message to all and particularly to Martin .

    Who are you to link me with those who ran Challenor?
    A few facts for you:
    Yes I am am a Director of VIP.
    Yes our registered office is Regency House.
    For your information, had you bothered to find out before you felt the need to cast your libelous aspersions, Regency House is an office block.
    There are several companies based there.
    One, which is located on the top floor, is a company called Turner Little who are the registered offices for thousands of Ltd Companies worlwide and were recomended to me by my accountant. (They are also, as as far as I know, nothing to do with Challenor)

    I have checked the few emails that I have ever sent out from VIP and cannot find the names Dave and John to which you refer. Please feel free to forward that email to me. Andrew@vantageinvestmentproperty.co.uk.

    Another snipett of information for you:
    I personally, yet regretably, know the former partners of Challenor. I too along with my business partner Tony, lost a hell of a lot of money because of them.
    I am directly responsible for the involvement of the Fraud Squad at York into the dealings at Challenor.
    If anyone has a problem with that, whether you’re the partners, staff or whoever then Tough!!!

  55. Well said Andy …….and good luck to you !!!!

  56. Four arrested in connection with Challenor Property Developments collapse
    11:36am Monday 19th January 2009

    By Mike Laycock »

    FOUR people were arrested today by detectives investigating the collapsed York-based property club Challenor Property Developments.

    Financial investigators, supported by specialist search teams and cash sniffer dogs from West Yorkshire Police, carried out a series of dawn raids at several properties across York.

    A large amount of property and documents were seized for examination during searches of the properties.

    The four arrested people – three men aged 62, 44 and 38, and a 51-year-old woman – were taken into custody for questioning.

    Police said they had been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering.

    The Press exclusively revealed last summer how Challenor, which operated out of Regency House atWestminster Business Park, near Poppleton, had closed down suddenly, leaving investors fearing they might have lost many thousands of pounds.

    The business dealt in the bulk sale of ‘buy-to-let’ property in the UK and abroad.

    Police said today that more than 180 clients had complained to North Yorkshire Police and there was a monetary loss in the region of £2 million.

    Anyone with information regarding Challenor was urged to contact North Yorkshire Police by calling 01904 669582, writing to Operation Leeson, at York Police Station, Fulford Road, York or by emailing ChallenorPropDevelopments@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

    “Investigators are particularly keen to talk to former Challenor staff members who have not yet made contact with the inquiry,” said a spokesman.

    * For more details see The Press tomorrow

  57. Great news graham. Its hard to say whether this blog helped in any of this, but I imagine it probably did help coordinate the complaints.

    Whilst it doesnt guarantee anyone will ever see their money again, its certainly good news.

    Well done everyone who put in a formal complaint!!

  58. I googled to see if there was anymore news, but no further.

    I hope all 4 of them are in a dungeon somewhere.

    Seeing they’ve done this kind if scam so many times, finally they might serve time….

    We could all visit them on visiting day in jail, take them a bag of oranges…

  59. Despite Dave Ps cries of innocence, I wouldn’t trust a single thing he says – I’ve heard him in action…. along with Carl and Phil, all lying through their back teeth!!! They are all accomplished liars – the lot of them.
    One things for certain, if the police dig up firm evidence of their involvement (and I’m certain they will) they’re in big trouble… only time will tell.

  60. Pretty bold statement Karma…..what lies were ACTUALLY told then…. ??????

  61. I can list many lies told be Challenors and staff

    When my partner signed up for the deals, she was told that any money that went into the reservation fund, that was not used…etc, would go back to her.
    I spent hours on the phone with one guy who claimed this was a lie when we tried to get some money back.

    Until I threatened legal action, he persisted with the lie then, MIRACULOUSLY, changed his mind.

    Another lie was the promise of hand-holding and mentoring available at all times.
    It was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get a mentor on the phone, calls were never returned.
    These things were PROMISED on the course; these were things that were PAID for for a lifetime membership.

    Third lie- Jo Foster and several other people in the office telling us things were fine, that cheques were about to be written and sent out with money owed, reservation fees etc…..Lies because, as we all know now, the company was FUCKED. Any money there was apparently had morphed into Rolexes and 6000 pound fountain pens for the lying FUCKS that ran the show.

    Probably a week after the last promise, the phones stopped being answered, in fact they stopped working.

    Does anyone else want to list any of the lies told to them?????
    Please do….it will make fun reading.

    Oh and add any names you can recall….name and shame the liars.

    Actually, check out this website……http://www.liarscheatsandbastards.com/

    Maybe set up a list of Challenorites?

  62. bitter are we ??????

  63. No, donald, bitter I’m not.
    More angry when thinking about letting the cunts at Challenor’s get away with what they did; annoyed at being duped.
    Certainly doesn’t keep me awake at night.

    I’d imagine it’s a usual human response to be angered by lies and deception.

    I wonder what the response from the Challenor Gang will be to their imprisonment…I wonder what their emotional state will be whilst sitting in the dock?

    I know what mine will be.


  64. judging by the amount of time and content of your post id say very bitter !!!!!!!!!!1

  65. judging by the amount of time and content of your post id say very bitter !!!!!!!!!!

  66. oh well

  67. nice language by the way

  68. Thanks Carl….
    I’d imagine you’re pretty happy you didn’t go through with the purchase…because you were going to buy it weren’t you?
    I mean that’s what they told us at the Challenor office when we were trying to get our money back.

  69. Do you know what this business had huge potential and i believed in it totally. Its just other influences made it go all wrong and I strongly object to being called a liar when the system was there over 1,000 completions in 2007 I think.
    Most of the staff were trying their hardest to make things happen and I personally spent hours and hours up and down the country trying to help people out…..so a liar I am not and if anyone wants to face me a say that …..bring it on.

  70. oh and I forgot to mention….wouldn’t you look at a business with that sort of turnover ?????

  71. Nobody called you a liar. I certainly didn’t.
    However, the people at Challenor’s told me that you had BOUGHT the business already.
    Then I read in a newspaper article that you said you had talked about it but signed nothing.

    So, I’m on the phone to someone called Jo and then a guy called Mark, I think, who are telling me Carl Gilfoyle has bought business and while the business is being transferred we can’t send any cheques, but as soon as the takeover is complete, you’ll get your money, it will be business as usual…..LIE!

    Also, if everything is so clean and tidy, why were 4 people arrested?
    Why is it that the people involved, Douglas, etc, have all done this before, been involved and investigated for scams?

    They’re scammers.

    My partner managed to buy one house.
    She paid a lifetime membership.
    If there was no money, why did Douglas have so many Rolexes etc?

    They’re scammers, they’ve a history of it.
    I don’t know what your part in it is, but your name was used in connection with a LIE, a lie perpetuated to stop people asking for their money back.

    So, you’d have to ask yourself, who was responsible for using you? What kind of people? The nice guys at Challenors!

  72. I was merely referring to the blog by Karma which names certain people the sale never happened and by the way all these allegations were happening while I was out of the country unaware of what was going on !!!!
    I can sympathise with certain people but you cannot simply lay the blame with everyone associated with this company.

  73. I wouldn’t want to blame everyone, but certainly there must have been people who knew what was happening?

    Did you know of the pasts of Douglas and the others when you began working with them?

    I remember them saying on the course that no one would find anything on the internet slating the company because they were so good.
    I wish I’d had the foresight to google Chris Douglas and the others.

    I seriously hope they are imprisoned. I hope they are stripped of everything they possess. I hope, in fact, that they spend a good deal of time in jail and end up stacking shelves in Somerfield for minimum wage.

    I wonder how Mrs Douglas and Hodgson would look in a company fleece at the checkout.
    I suppose, though, with their history, they wouldn’t even get a job there.

  74. For those of you who say you are sooooooo innocent – how can you NOT have known what was going on when all around you all that crap was happening? Were you so spineless that you didn’t think to yourselves… “hmmmmmmmm somethings not right here, I need to alert the authorities?” Didn’t you discuss your concerns with your closest colleagues? No, you just stood by like gutless maggots and watched whilst hundreds of people got suckered into parting with their life’s savings.

    Hey all you “I’m Innocent” CP protestors out there, let’s all have faith in British justice. The police casefile is already bulging and still building, incriminating evidence is still being gathered, it will go on for months yet. This is truly fantastic news for all the innocent ones isn’t it?

    And to those FEW GUILTY CP people who appear to be obsessed with scanning and replying to the blogs on this site, you are wasting your time defending yourselves here. YOU don’t belong here – this is our site… the site where WE CAN MOAN AND GROAN AS MUCH AS WE LIKE ABOUT BEING RIPPED OFF. We’ll carry on whinging and whining until that oh so glorious day arrives when we all arrive en-masse for the Crown Court Hearing.

    Maybe all you obsessed CP bods visiting our blog should go set up your own site for whinging… maybe you could call it…

  75. hahahahahahahah

    Fabulous post Karma.

    I haven’t seen any news recently on what’s happening with the Yorkshire Ripperoffers.

  76. karma why dont you reveal yourself

  77. Thanks Jasmine. I felt so much better for writing that!!!

    To Donald – NEVER!!! Those who know me, know me and those who don’t would like to.

    Now I would NEVER compare those CP bods with the nazis…so forgive the analagy, but I seem to remember that during the Nuremberg Trials the nazis on trial claimed they knew nothing of Hitler and his henchmens grand masterplan… what was their main defence? “oooooooo ve ver just followink orders und just doingk ar job me lud!” It didn’t take long before their lies were exposed and the justice that followed was fast and swift. That’s British justice for you.

    The lies that I personally heard being spewed from the mouths of those guilty individuals who knowingly and continually colluded with Chris and his henchmen are well documented and have been passed on to the police. They do say that you need to have a bloody good memory to be an accomplished liar; seems some peoples memories at CP are already failing. That’s what happens see – when you lie for a living.

    Rest assured those individuals who commited themselves to maintaining the CP cloak and dagger operation whilst also ensuring that the massive influx of money continued to flow to the bitter end WILL be exposed in court… but hey – I guess they may argue that “they did nothing dodgy, they knew nothing and were just doing their job”. They may argue that, but they won’t get away with it, not with what I’ve passed onto the police.

  78. … and yes Donald, we are bitter, all of us are bitter… surely you must be able to feel our bitterness and venom by now? How dare you post a comment in such an arrogant smarmy and self righteous way!

    A short message to the guilty ones. If you continue to visit our site, you will be subjected to my comments on a regular basis, the threats of exposure will mash your brains, I guarantee it.

    But you won’t be able to resist peeping will you? Just like moths to a flame.

    See, you’re back here, reading again aren’t you?

  79. Hi all I too lost £6000 odd to these people and recognise all the names being wheeled out. Had the same experience trying to get refunds. Am currently trying to get redress from my credit card. I did however complete 2 purchases which currently rent Ok, it was the third one they defaulted on. For a while I believed the delay in getting no3 was down to the financial climate and CP were genuine. However shortly before the collapse I was invited to become a millionaire partner of CP. I attended at Regency House and was offered my local area franchise for £50,000. I was tempted by the patter but could not have funded that amount, they offered to get me a loan against my home
    which I also declined. Later in the week I was offered the same franchise for £25000. this made me very wary and from that point I lost all interest in the scheme
    I was later offered a lesser option for £5000. soon after the whole thing fell apart.
    These offer were in my opinion fraudulent and were a way of getting money prior to shutting the business down.
    I have also been to a Barrington Whyte seminar (what a mug) though this has cost me nothing. Largely because of names like Peter Carbert, Richard & Mark hodgson set alarm bells ringing. I suppose this credit compensation thing could be genuine but the history of some of the people involved make me wonder. I was said by one attendee that a businessman flew in to the credit comp headquarters in a Helicopter whilst he was there, this greatly impressed him. I just thought of Chris Douglas and his liking for his Helicopter.

  80. HI anothermug,

    my partner was offered the franchise too, and deliberated for a while about it, but after about 3 months of thinking she decided not to follow it up.
    We then tried to get back the 5 grand deposit she’d paid, which was when the shit began to hit the fan and the lies started pouring out of Regency House……

  81. Hi to you A.N.Mug. Sorry you’ve been scammed too, we all have to stay strong and united, take comfort in letting off steam on these pages, until the court date is set, then book some holiday and join the rest of us.

    As news from the police has gone a little quiet at the moment (remember it’s only a matter of time before things gather steam and more arrests are made), here’s something to be going on with….

    I’ve been watching with interest the Serious Fraud Office’s/Crown Court prosecution of a similar set of property fraudsters who were caught out big time, the scammers have been proven guilty and are now awaiting sentence, it makes interesting reading as the case is similar to CPs, in that money was used for personal gain and high living.

    An extract on the page below mentions the inappropriate use of investors funds and the obvious contempt the Defendants had for their investors (hmmm, that sounds familiar). Anyway, link below if anyone’s interested…


  82. Donald’s gone very quiet, I’m thinking he must have swallowed a mouthful of his own cowardly white feathers, either that or he’s feeling stuffed, basted and ready for the oven. He needn’t worry tho, all those foul CP fowls just have to wait a little while longer until the oven reaches its optimum roasting temperature. Then we’ll pop ’em into the searing court room heat. There’s nothing better than the delicious aroma of a good wholesome roast – don’t you think?

  83. I cant believe that I fell for the bs from cp, but to read Donald Duck’ s posts make me sick. If you really want to meet up, and want me to call you a liar to your face, let me know where and i’ll see you there, maybe you could bring along the other dick heads so I can do it all in one meeting ?

  84. Yes, yet another person mugged off! Friend and I paid finders fee and surprise surprise the deal was called off. After seeing our solicitor it appeared our only option was to look at other properties they had to offer, just to recoup our loses (what a mistake). We eventually went ahead with, in hindsite, the worst property deal we could have made. A property with an incredibly high mortgage rate that no rental is ever going to cover. Luckily we have a fantastic tenant but are having to subsidise the rent as, no surprise, we never got our cash back etc. So over 7k out of pocket before we even started we are stressed and broke and cant even try bankcruptcy or anything as we risk losing our homes. Looking back, I feel so stupid as we are no experts in property and should have steered clear. Ah well, too late now I guess and fingers crossed property prices will start raising soon so we can sell. Sorry to hear all your stories too and lets hope they get whats coming to them

  85. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  86. Excuse Me? Who exactly do you think you are Donald to even be commenting here if you don’t have anything helpful to say? Lots of people have been badly affected by what has happened both due to our own decision to involve ourself with this company but also due to their behaviour (remember it is resulting in a fraud investigation). This is somewhere for people to share their experiences so if you don’t have anything interesting to say here then why don’t you mind your own business and go find somebody else to bother.

  87. Donald really is a despicable excuse for a human being don’t you think Nik? Despite his “I had nothing to do with it” pleas, he shows no concern whatsoever for any of us… he obviously thinks he is still the mutts nutts and untouchable by the law. HE IS SO WRONG!! You needn’t worry Nik, we are the innocent ones and off the back of our evidence Mr Duck will be getting another visit from the SFO very soon, they sooooooo haven’t finished with him yet. Despite his “couldn’t care less” attitude, I bet everytime a car pulls up, or his doorbell rings – he shites himself!!! yehhhhhh!!!

    Guys, when we post our messages here, lets load them with plenty of brain mashing comments for Mr Duck and the guilty ones, I’m sure we can think of plenty that’ll feck with their heads, every comment they read should remain imprinted on their pathetic peanut brains.

    Just mention, POLICE, SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE etc. COLLUSION is a real biggy to mention – people go down big time when proved to be colluding in fraud. Mr Duck did collude; he knew what was going on at CP and the SFO know that too!

    Ooooooooo is that the Mr D’s doorbell I hear?

  88. It just makes me laugh that someone can show so little respect for someone else’s opinions, oh wait, that covers just about everyone who was involved in running CP then…

    A quick query, we have applied to Virgin to pay us back the money we paid on Credit Card. Who else has tried this and what are the responses like so far? If we could get that sorted then we will actually be one of the reasonably lucky ones, providing the property market improves and we can sell the property without too much of a loss! The annoying thing is, our builders were done over too and in fairness to them (builders get a bad rep!) they were really good to us. Wish we had just bought direct through them as they offered us a far better deal but by then it was too late, the ball was rolling. I wont dabble in property like this again but if I did I would def go direct to source, lesson learned is don’t trust the middle man!

    Is there any more info on court proceedings at this point? I live quite far away but the temptation to see things unfold personally is very tempting. On the other hand, life’s too short to waste another minute on scum like them so maybe I should be content to know I can sleep soundly at night and I’m not the one waiting for that doorbell to ring…

  89. I would really like to meet up with you donald duck, why not be a man for once in your life and do it ? Just a friendly discussion over a pint, what do you say ?

  90. Mr Duck won’t meet up – I guarantee it. But given the new evidence the SFO now have – he won’t have any choice when they ask to meet up with him – and he can forget the pint!!!

    I bet he’ll start quacking loudly when they present their latest evidence.

    I wonder if he has any feathers left, or if he’s already plucked himself bald with stress?

  91. 90 Degrees, You’d have to head over to Challenorland to meet Mr Duck…..

    Mickey and Mini Mouse= Karen and Chris?
    Scrooge= …………….. (fill in the blank)
    Pluto= ……………..
    Donald Duck= Carl Gilfoyle
    Daisy Duck=……maybe there aint no Daisy……….

  92. Whats this new evidence Karma, I am very interested to hear all about it 🙂

  93. Information from those who worked at HO and from documents seized I think – but not sure.

    Enough to keep Donald in a state of panic I’m sure. But if (like he says) he’s innocent, then he’s nothing to worry about has he?

  94. Any news on what’s happening with donald duck and the other guys over at Challenorland?

  95. Check out this story about the PPP property company – very similar to the Challenor fraud case. Chris I know you view this site, just like Donald you can’t keep away. So here’s a note to you and all the other guilty ones – YOU’RE NEXT!!!

    Article Extract…
    “…At Newcastle Crown Court today, five directors of a property investment group were sentenced after admitting they had defrauded investors of millions of pounds. The Practical Property Portfolio companies of Gateshead, which handled buy-to-let investments of around £80 million, were used to pay the directors’ excessive salaries and fund lavish lifestyles involving luxury cars, fine art and antiques and racehorses…”

    During the three day hearing this week, the court heard the contempt these defendants showed its investors. In summing up the judge said…

    In passing sentence HHJ Whitburn QC said of Potts that he had “looted” from the company, “spent blatantly” and that he “demonstrates profligacy on a heroic scale”.

    SFO investigator Kay Rogers said: “This case required a diligent and painstaking investigation involving a mountain of documents although much of the accounting records were unreliable. The police and the SFO obtained around 400 witness statements including 175 from investors (10% of the total who invested in the PPP companies). The investigation required the review of vast numbers of documents including 600 boxes of material and multiple computer hard drives from the companies’ own offices alone.

    The five defendants were sentenced as follows:

    John Potts (d.o.b. 16 July 1948) of Sunderland, former Chairman, sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on a single count of conspiracy to defraud. Also disqualified from being a director of a company for fifteen years.
    Peter Gosling (d.o.b. 14 July 1951) of Gateshead, former Managing Director, sentenced to three years’ imprisonment on a single count of conspiracy to defraud. Also disqualified from being a director of a company for fifteen years.
    Natalie Laverick (d.o.b. 4 September 1980) of North Yorkshire, former Operations Director, sentenced to twenty-one months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, on a single count of conspiracy to defraud.
    Peter Graham (d.o.b. 18 June 1946) of Sunderland, former International Sales and Marketing Director, sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on three counts of fraudulent trading. Also disqualified from being a director of a company for ten years.
    Eric Armstrong (d.o.b. 5 May 1953) of Newcastle upon Tyne, former Chief Executive Officer sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on two counts of fraudulent trading. Also disqualified from being a director of a company for ten years.

  96. Hi all,I too was scamed and lost nearly £6000 and just got a letter from the Financial Ombudsman after taking up my case against Barclaycard a full year ago,they say their is no protection for payments made through a credit card because the money went to Solaris World and not Challenor.Although this statement itself is recognition of fraud and everyone else here have frauded the so called Ombudsman agrees with the banks as usual and rejects my claim.That just sinks the boot in a little bit more.

    A few minutes ago I rang one of the numbers above for Chris Douglas and he answered confirming he was Chris and when I asked him for my money back he hung up,,,,,,07788114477,,give him a call

  97. Hi, I just found this site while searching for information on the CPD fraud. I too lost £23,500 which I’m still trying to recover. I recently submitted a claim against my credit card company, but they’ve asked for a copy of my contract with CPD. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy – I went to Regency House to sign the contract and they (Peter Carbert et. al.) never gave me a copy. How stupid am I? Has anyone managed to get their money back yet by whatever means?

  98. Oooh, thanks for the information Karma.
    I’m so looking forward to the day when those arse holes are sent down as well.

    @ Sarah- I don’t know if anyone has gotten any money back yet. There’s still some ongoing investigation, my partner is still waiting to hear back.

    I think it’s a nice idea if everyone calls 07788114477 to speak to Chris Dougl-arse!

  99. Hi Sarah… the fact that you have pysically paid for goods (goods being “the franchise”), but had no contract, could in my opinion, be classified as fraud. We managed to get £5k back from our CC company because of this very situation (we are still owed a huge amount from CP, the £5k was just a drop in the ocean, but at least it was something). The reason we couldn’t get anymore back was that our CC company only allowed 120 days for cases such as this and our claim was outside this timescale. CP records were seized by the fraud squad; the investigation is not just in the UK but is far reaching, so will take a long time. Keep the faith, don’t blame yourself or feel stupid any longer… I know how you feel though, but try and get past that feeling if you can and stay positive. We will have our day in court and vengence will be sweet as all the guilty ones will be brought to justice. We may even get some money back – and that will be an added bonus.

    Big Smiles xxx

  100. So, as I was in the area today, I thought I would have a look at Larkfield – home of Chris Douglas and Karen according to the land registry.

    Its a nice pad, very nice in fact. One of York’s nicer properties and certainly a big improvement over the house that they used to live in at Skelton.

    Anyway, I peered through the hedge and lo and behold, there was Chris in the front garden. Very natty stripy blue shirt on. Less highlights in his hair than I remember.

    Not sure what he was doing, certainly not working on the-wealth-foundation website, but he seemed to be messing about with a little plastic jug in a small pond.

    So, just thought you would all be glad to hear that Chris Douglas is well and keeping himself busy.


  101. Hi Investigator… thanks for that info.

    In my view, anyone who dresses in a blue stripy suit and uses a little plastic jug to closely examine pond life sounds like they may have gone ever-so-slightly insane to me. On closer inspection, do you think the blue stripy suit could have been the uniform of an inmate from the local insane asylum… out on day release maybe? Just a thought,’;o)

  102. Karma Sweet.. No, it was a rther nice shirt in fact, likely expensive.

    I am pretty sure Chris hasn’t gone insane, he looked might relaxed and calm in fact, as if he hasn’t got a trouble in the world.

    Its safe to say that he didn’t look as though he has been losing much sleep recently.

    btw check out the whois for harleydavidsonworld.info for some more contact details.

  103. Hmmmmm… not gone insane yet eh??? I’m puzzled then. Hey, there is still time I reckon!! In any case, bet he goes off his rocker once all those sweaty and ultra friendly prison inmates get up close and personal with him and his golden locks. Wowzers, don’t bend over Mr Douglas… whoops too late >’,;o) Shafted – just like the rest of us!!! See how it feels?

  104. It is important to remember that only Muriel Hodgson and Chris Douglas are bankrupt. Richard Hodgson and Karen Douglas (in all their guises even) are not.

    It isn’t beyond the wit of man to expect that some of the monies drawn from the Challenor business and some of the assets bought with those monies are / were in the names of the none bankrupt half of those two (well intertwined) relationships.

    Certainly Richard had the trappings of a wealthy man, driving a Bentley Continental Flying Spur and wearing a £20k+ watch

    Karen too, driving a Merc SLK 55 AMG and always immaculately coiffured, adorned with expensive clothes and jewellery did not give the impression that she was living on a frugal housekeeping budget

    In the press, the police alluded to the next public developments in the case being around May. Well May is nearly up so some more news could flow anytime soon.

    • Hear hear, look no further than daughter Janine Hodgson, lives Catterick, worked a spell for Challenors then continued getting £25K a year for doing nothing, same as Chris Douglas paid his sister who resided in Spain- of course monies/assets have been laundered elsewhere over the years hope they all get what,s coming to them!!

  105. Shame you didnt get a photo of Douglas, I would like to know what he looks like, even better to meet up with him and make him squirm…….and talking of pond life !
    lol 🙂

  106. I wonder who the 5th is….maybe its Signore Donald Duck?

  107. And today, Chris Douglas is discharged from backruptcy (according to the Insolvency Register). Does that mean we can now pursue him for our money? Or does it mean he’s free to rob more people?

  108. Is there not some TV show that’s interested in these people?
    I actually got in touch with Watchdog a while ago but never heard back…

  109. I am thinking of starting a book on how soon Chris will be driving about in a swish car – I think sooner will have shorter odds than later

  110. hmmm….I’ve got another bunch of shifty bastards in my sight now.
    Has anyone heard of Welbeck Wealth?
    My partner, yet again invested money with them to buy properties. She’s been waiting now 6 months to get money that they owe her for deals not done, in the same vein as Challenors.
    Tomorrow I’m going down to their office to collect it….let’s see if they hand it over.
    I was hung up on today by one of their minions, an unpleasant woman who told me that the company was having ‘cash flow’ problems. My Problem? I think not!
    Luckily they’re a limited company so she should get the money back one way or another.
    If anyone knows of anyone who had any dealings with them that didn’t go well, I’ve started another blog about them……http://welbeckwealth.wordpress.com/

    I’m tired of hearing about people being fucked over by these kind of companies…..

    As for Chris Douglas, perhaps we should organise a summer weekend outing to his home and camp outside his gate….just to terrorise him a wee bit…….

  111. Count me in for a summer protest outside the weasels home!
    Lets get it on! Scumbags!

  112. Well, we have his address. Who’s up for it?

    Let’s make it this month. Let’s get the press involved…..

    I’m pretty free this weekend actually….who fancies a picnic on Chris Douglas’s lawn on Saturday?

    • where does this Chris live, Naburn Lane seems to be an ‘A’ road, also Richard Hodgson where does he live ?

      • Not an A road 90 degrees

        Naurn Lane is the B1222, which is off the A19 on the south side of York, nice and close to the ring road.

        Have a look on Multimap and put in the postcode YO19 4RF

        Larkfield is the second drive on the left

        Here is a nice bird’s eye photo of it, the red circle is on next door, i.e. Larkfield is the one to the left and below the circle, with the T shaped driveway


  113. Not a lot of room in the garden – remember the small round pond!

  114. Is that what that little round thing is in the front garden ?
    It looks like a pile of bricks stacked in a circle, and not a pond at all !

  115. http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/news/Secret-Millionaire-runs-cash/article-1153718-detail/article.html

    I have it if from a reliable source that former members of Challenors were at Chek Whyte’s offices regularly and a company called ‘Keyworker Homes’ was mentioned….

  116. Karma!
    Fantastic news for all those twats involved….but yet again some other people on the financial scapheap thanks to these people with loads of big ideas but absolutley no morals.
    How many small businesses has Check Whyte just destroyed?
    I am so looking forward to seeing Carbert, Douglasx2, Hodgson x3 & Mackie put away inside.
    Happy days indeed.

  117. Hi All…

    Wow things certainly seem to be hotting up for the scammers…

    Firstly, I’m happy to learn that the information I passed to the police have them digging into the Short Arsed Hunchback’s American interests.

    Secondly, I’m glad that Chek has been rumbled. He has been working with Hodgson on many dodgy scams, again I passed this information onto the police as did many others.

    Thirdly, Douglas may have had his bankruptcy discharged (woopeedoo), but it won’t release him from his debts relating to fraud.

    Things are trundling slowly forward to the court date, it’s a year now since everything blew up in his face and still much investigating has to be done.

    It may look to the outside world that he hasn’t a care in the world… but hey, he has golden locks and with his permanent bent-over stoop, he’s already donned the perfect bodily position to enter prison and mix with the sex-starved inmates. Watch yer back yah shifty perma tanned git – there’s no escape for you this time.

    Love and peace to all the innocents (amen)

    • Brilliant news!
      He is still too vain to give up his “personal mobile number”
      You can call or text anytime day or night on 0 77 88 11 44 77, that’s 0 77 88 11 44 77.
      I am sure he will be happy to take your call!

  118. Does anyone have a photo of any of those shifty ferrets from Challenors?

    If anyone has a photo of Doulgas I’d love to add it to the logo for the blog.
    I have no idea what he looks like…..

    I imagine him Peter Stringfellow-esque..am I correct?

    His wife I imagine looks something of a cross between a wag and a WWII era French whore….

  119. I have some photos of groups of people in which Chris, Karen and Richard Hodgson feature.

    If I get time I will try and edit everyone else and post something here.

    Not sure how I will do that, but I will have a crack sometime.

    Otherwise, if I see Chris tending to the pond again, I will snap him on my phone for you

  120. Thanks investigator.


    Some news about Check Whyte…..

    I wonder if Douglas will change his name as Mr Whyte had done.
    Donald Duck is taken already, but perhaps one of the Beagle boys wouldn’t mind….

  121. Muriel Hodgson’s bankruptcy has also now been discharged (as of 1 August 2009)

    Another chapter of the Challenor story comes to an end.


  122. Discharged maybe….. that doesn’t really mean anything and is no more than I expected. If she had anything to do with the scam, she will face the fraud charges in court – along with the rest. I’m past caring about the money I lost…. I just want to see them all go down…. and they will.

  123. How come its only Chris Douglas that has his address and phone numbers plastered all over the website?

    Are Richard and Muriel Hodgson still living at 6 Fox Garth, YO26 6LP?

    • Think you,ll find it could be 16 The Garden Village Earswick,for the Hodgsons, as posted on above attachment from insolvency papers

  124. There are a few addresses for the Hodgsons (Hudsons)

    Fox Garth shows on 192.com and the google earth picture shows a bentley on the drive….

    That Garden Village address is shown on the insolvency papers as is

    8 Whitelands
    YO32 9FX


  125. Watchdog is coming back on screen this week – hour long programme running with Rogue Traders – Ms Robinson now fronting

    I’m sure she would like to get her teeth into this one

    • Just as a matter of interest do we know what vehicles Chris Richard and Mark drive and any vehicle reg numbers? If we are out and about we will know if we spot them!

  126. Does anyone know if any of the above mentioned are getting involved with the credit compensation scheme which has raised its head recently ?

    • I think if you read a few posts up you might find something about the credit compensation thing.
      Or it could be on one of the other pages.
      I haven’t personally been involved in any of those franchises, nor approached, but I think someone else posting above went on a course….

    • The Hodgson name pops up again. He’s the guy who phoned me after Challenors collapsed, offering to help me in anyway he could…..

      Shifty little bastard…

  127. Hi All
    I’m a little late to join the party,but I know what they all look like!. Had the pleasure of meeting them all when I attended their offices to demand my money back. Was advised by an ex employee exactly what to do and say. …. followed that advice to the letter.
    If Donald Duck is Carl, then I can tell you all he did know what was going on…the transfer of the company to him, the franchising scam, that’s right it was a scam the works. Apparently, they said of the 50k fee that it was the easiest 50k they had made…The idea for the franchise was to raise money for CP. No real thought went into it…They sat in a meeting bouncing ideas of ech other and this was raised… no research nothing… seemed the quickest and easiest way to expand their scamming.. hence the comment about it being the easiest 50k ever made. I am one of a few who did get their money back, every last pence… no gloating…I made some good friends along the way.. some got some of their money back,others were not so lucky…. I rang the local press before this all blew up as by then had enough inside information to know that this was all a scam…and you are all right.. they really didn’t care that they were taking people for a ride… I saw and heard some of them in action. I contacted the local police,the serious fraud office neither returned my correspondence…. To be honest I was just relieved to get my money back and to be able to sleep again at night… I had no idea anyone was arrested…thought Chris had skipped the country…Would be interested to know when the Trial is and to speak to the police….They all deserve what they get…they really thought they were untouchable.

    • Hello, Glad you got your money back. And thanks for pointing out what really went on. donald duck hasn’t been around here for a while. Maybe he’s been advised to keep his lying little beak closed.

      I think it’s the Yorkshire police you need to contact. My partner ALMOST fell for the franchise scam, went to a meeting with them and gave them a 5 grand deposit, but then decided against. She’s meeting up with the fraud squad in London soon about it. Apparently they’re meeting with everyone who’s lost money or who contacted them. Not too sure of the details but there must be a lot of people because it’s being held over a few days and people are coming from all over. I’d still love to have a picture of Douglas or any of them to put here on the blog. Does anyone have a snap shot of them?

  128. If you go along to one of the credit compensation intro meetings you will meet Peter C – maybe get a photo on the mobile.

    Mark Hodgson seems to keep out of view although he is supposed to be sole director of Barrington Whyte

  129. Another ex Challenor finds himself at Barrington Whyte


    • Makes you wonder why anyone would admit to having worked for Challenor. it’s not even pleasant to admit you have any dealings with them, let alone be employed by the fuckers!

  130. Has Chris Douglas popped up at Credit Compensation yet?

  131. Some more

    property seems to have moved to barrington whyte now


    I think this might be described as wealth removal rather than wealth creation

    Nothing seems to stop these people

    • Just an update on Peter Carbert – credit compensation uk has now been taken over and Peter Carbert is now listed as Regional Development Manager – no mention of Hodgsons in the new setup – maybe the new owners thought better of the bad publicity

  132. 100% Carl knew what was going on, as did Phil, Dave (and others).

    Dave for example, at one point, despite investors having reserved properties and them being badly down-valued (so much so that the deal could not be resurrected) Dave P was ranting and shouting crazily to his sales people “Just get on the fucking phones and fucking sell them again!!! Just fucking do it”. You telling me that’s not fraud Dave?

    Yes people are embarrassed to admit they have worked for Challenor, but these are the same people who Challenor also shafted and who therefore are willing to expose the inner workings of the company to the SFO.

    Those (guilty ones) who think they’ve escaped prosecution by handing over certain computer drives and documents etc to the SFO… you think you’re so clever, don’t you realise they are just playing good-cop bad-cop with you? You Stupid Dummies!!!

  133. Richard is involved in a new York property co – is it on the same estate as Challenors ?
    Global Access Properties
    Westminster Business Centre
    10 Great North Way
    YO26 6RB
    E-mail: sales@globalaccessproperties.co.uk
    Tel: +44 (0) 1904 520 150
    Fax: +44 (0) 1904 520 101

  134. The fraud squad will soon be getting in touch with their most key witnesses in the UK. So for those of you who have advised the SFO that you have physical evidence of the fraud (ie letters/emails/contracts for failed deals etc) – you will be contacted first. The SFO are now ramping up their investigation having firstly gathered a lot of background information. I believe interviews are being conducted from the beginning of November onwards. I guess there are a lot of ripped-off people to talk to.

  135. Peter Carbert has now left Credit Compensation UK “for personal reasons” and to pursue interests which will give him “the rewards he is seeking”………………….

  136. I wonder what rewards they might be? Where did you hear, or read this, Mel?

    • Came in an email to me as someone who had handed over money to credit compensation uk and went along to the meeting before I knew anything of this history

      He does offer the opportunity to contact and find out all about these new opportunities. I’ll be passing on that one!

  137. Does anyone know if a company claled Morgan Grey has any associations with CP?

    I don’t think they do, BUT… they are in York and have offered me a Below Market Value property, which was built by the same builder who built the property I purchased via Challenors, so some alarm bells started to ring…

    Would hate to be nieve enough to get stung a second time!!!

  138. Challenor had their merchant status withdrawn in September 07 as they were in breach of their membership, meaning that anyone who paid Challenor by credit card after that date should be able to get their money back from their cc company.

    • Joan. I guess that doesn’t apply to Google checkout which is how I paid my deposit in Nov 2007. CC company won’t refund payments via a third party such as Google checkout.

    • Hi Joan,my name is Daniel and I just read your latest post which could help my case a lot,although I need more info on this so I can advise my solicitor.
      I was caught for £5750 after paying what I was told was a fully refundable deposit for a franchise.I had booked my seat on a training course two weeks before it was due to take place.I live in Northern Ireland and prior to this I had a few phone calls with Allen Mackie who convinced me to fly over for a meeting witch I did.As you can imagine I was given the usual spin and lies and I fell for it.Though I never signed anything,all I did was pay money for a booking for a seat on a training weekend which Mr Mackie told me was fully refundable.
      A few days before I was due to fly to England for the training I got a phone call from one of Challenor`s employees telling me to pull out because the company was falling apart and I would loose all my money if I paid for the franchise.
      Joan,if you could give me more info on this merchant account thingy,it would help my case immensley.Please feel free to contact me anytime on this matter,thanks

      • Hello Daniel
        My partner has been in touch with the police
        Her case is very similar to yours, ie money for a franchise etc.
        She has spoken to the police
        I don’t know what’s come of it yet but will post here when something happens.
        I sincerely hope there will be some jail time for these guys because it isn’t the first time they’ve been at this sort of scam.

  139. That’s good news
    Thanks for the information
    Has anyone been called in to talk to the police yet?

  140. maybe I should include that I have been in full contact with the police throughout this hole process and put my case to the Financial Ombudsman which took just over one year to do so.I have a very important point to make about the Financial Ombudsman`s office;if anyone has had misdealings with Challenor then DO NOT go through them.Once you start with them,you are not alloyed to get your own solicitor involved or they will void your complaint.I fought tooth and nail with them on a simple credit card transaction for over a year and they simply did not want to know about anything new I was putting As you can probably guess,they ruled in favour of Barcly Card.This put me back over a year.In the middle of this process I told them I had had enough and was going to court.They then said that all evidence they hold can not be admissable in court and can not be forwarded to me.WHY?so I stuck it out and the $%as£!terds sent a short letter saying,not enough information was put forward.
    Now I am paying my own solicitor to move it forward,therefore Joan,any legal stuff like this is very very very helpful to me,thanks for your time,

  141. So, just a week shy of year since the Challenor quartet was first arrested and what – visibly – has happened?

    Well, no one has been charged with any offence yet.

    Mr Douglas still lives a life of relative luxury. His bankruptcy is now discharged and he still lives in a £905k house in York. He seems to be running an SEO / web design house called Allonthenet as well as a network of affiliate based websites.

    Mrs Hodgson has, as she was throughout the Challenor period, kept her head down. Others in her family have popped up through Credit Compensation. Her bankruptcy is also discharged.

    I maintain that is looking increasingly likely that, whilst its been a bit of an episode for them, the Douglases and the Hodgsons will emerge from this in pretty reasonable shape. I would be pleased to be proved wrong on this but, as more time passes, this seems less likely.

  142. Wouldn’t someone like the Watchdog team be interested in Douglas?
    If he is running more companies. Perhaps if the police aren’t THAT interested…

  143. Enquiries to NYP about the investigation yielded the following information

    …the investigation continues and there are now 7 suspects.

    The case is soon to be referred to the Fraud Prosecution Service for a decision and we anticipate an update from them by the end of May….

    So, they are neither ‘home and hosed’, nor ‘up the creek’ just yet

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  145. has anyone heard about them shithouses up in court,i was interviewed by yorkshire police they said they will be charged.the DI who spoke to me left me his card i will ring him first thing on mon

    • Apparently Chris and Karen Douglas and Richard and Mark Hodgson are due to make their first appearance in court around mid May, I have it from a very reliable source that they’re probably looking at substantial jail sentences, ie 6 years plus!

  146. I can tell you that Peter Carbert is now on the network marketing trail following his departure from credit compensation. No need to warn anyone here to avoid at all costs

  147. Hodgson is working “behing the scenes” at Global Access Property in York who are also currently in trouble.

  148. In reply to who asked if anyone got what they paid for, yes me and my brother in law. 2 properties in Northampton through Challenore property in 2006. They were so happy they gave us the 2 day seminar for nothing each. This was dodgy though looking back as we were singing there praises (unknowingly of what the future was holding)

    Richard Hodges defo works at Global Access,

  149. Has anyone got any money back from cc I was told by ombudsman that they sided with credit card company this cannot be right

  150. I’m glad that Douglas is probably going to jail. I was caught up in the eforyou.com scam years ago which he was behind. I remember Peter Carbert well too.
    Only just stumbled upon this forum, its great to see that he’s getting his comeuppance!

  151. So the Hodgsons were involved with Century Mortgages way back in the day, before eforyou, which was run by Peter C and Douglas – they all stick together like glue. Wonder if Poppleton’s surname is real or invented from Hodgson’s address?

  152. What does Chris Douglas look like? Scarily so the Chris Douglas who is on Lindkedin and works as a Deputy Manager at Hilton Edinburgh, looks like a young CD. Add highlights and a weaslysnear – lol

  153. CD’s personal plate (XOT 1C) up for sale here….


  154. hi to any one i had dealings with challenor propertys about 4 years ago i gave them 20k of my money.I actually bought one property which was well over priced but two fell through,and they wouldnt give me my money back.So me and my mate made the trip up to york and got my 13k back rapid.They were full of shit the lot of them and isaw chris douglas in the office walking round like king dick.I went on a weekend course and they had all these so called retired millionaires talking yet when i got to york they were ALL working in the office.If any one actually bought aproperty and has a mortgage then you should be asking the mortgage companies to investigate the VALUERS because they must have been in the scam to bump the prices up and also the building companies who sold them they were all in it together

  155. Chris Douglas is a well known scammer and crook. In 2001, I invested some money in a company called Eforyou.com of which Chris and Karen Douglas were Director and Secretary respectively.

    The company was based in Darlington. They took £1,000 from my debit card and I almost lost my money had it not been for some advice I received from anpther man who had very good legal knowledge. Half of the money belonged to my dad and half was mine. I wanted to invest the money for University, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that.

    The company was a scam operation and Chris Douglas apparently went around the UK scamming people in different towns. He used the money to buy a helicopter and porche boxster and a number of other things.

    Department of Trade and Industry wound him up then, from this post, I can see that he is at it again.

    I’m also surprised to see that he is not behind bars after all these years, that crook.

  156. Description of Chris Douglas:

    He is a short man, between 5′ 4″ – 5′ 6″ in height, light brown hair, can usually be seen wearing a suit, walking around confidently and pretending to be rich and claiming to be a millionaire.

    I had pictures of him, but unfortunately, I handed all the information I had about him over to the Department of Trade and Industry in 2001 for their investigations.

    I know a lot of people did not get any of their money back in 2001.

  157. You people have been going on for 2 years. If you havent noticed the people that you have been chasing have been moving on with their lives.

    I’m not saying that morally they should be, but the fact ramains that they are. Some of the people on this blog have been gibbering on like a bunch of dry drunks.
    A very wise man once said…
    “If you hate the world the world will move on and you will have only yourself left to hate.”

    • @Karmacrusader- Sometimes by ‘going on’ for a couple of years, or longer, a result is achieved, even if it’s to prevent others becoming involved with companies or individuals that are either fraudulent or treat their customers unfairly.

  158. OK, put their names out there.

    Any sensible person will do a bit of research (at the very least put the persons name into google with the addition of the word ‘Scam’ or ‘Fraud’) before handing over a load of money.

    Just saying – lifes too short.

    Be HAPPY 🙂 – Not ANGRY 😦

    • You should hide your IP address Welbeck Wealthcrusader,….oops sorry Karmacrusader.


  159. @Karmacrusader -Research was done, but if Challenors rather than the individual names were Googled, then of course nothing was revealed.

    I’m sure a lot of the people who post to this blog are happy with their lives, but some who lost 10s of thousands are bitter about that part of it.

    Losing money to professional and skilled fraudsters like Douglas et al is not a hard thing to do.

    If you’ve come across this blog perhaps you were Googling Douglas or Cabert, thinking of investing with them?
    If that’s how you came across it then I’d imagine you’d be relieved.

    Life might be short, Karmacrusader, but walk a mile of that life in the shoes of someone who lost £5, £30, £40 or £50 in the Challenor scam.

    You might have a blister or two that nags.

  160. Karma crusaders comments are not very helpful and one wonders why he/she posted on this blog. Hundreds of people have lost lots of money to these individuals – some are employees who didnt get paid, some are very seasoned investors-some less so – and some were misold franchises that never materialized. We were all duped as these guys are clever and have done this kind of thing before. Therefore to imply that we are wrong to feel aggrieved and should give up the fight is I’ll considered and insensitive. In my case I was sold a franchise and after paying Challenors a deposit, the franchise did not materialise. I wonder how karma crusader would feel if he/she put a deposit down on a car to then find that the car had never existed in the first place? Would he/she just lie din and accept that the garage owner had moved on with his life so they should follow suit? I think not.
    The case is being investigated by the police and many of us have helped the police with this. Fraud cases are notoriously complicated affairs and take a very long time to investigate. If there is any justice in this world then these guys will be moving on with their life behind bars rather than on a beach in Spain.

    • Karmacrusader left those comments because he works for something called The Welbeck Group.
      My partner invested with them also and they played pretty dirty when she tried to get money from them that was owed to her.
      It was post Challenor shut-down so I started up a blog about them as well.

      I traced Karmacrusader’s IP address and their posts came from the Welbeck Group IP address.
      He/she knows who I am and was obviously trying to make some kind of juvenille point by posting a comment on this blog.
      Idiots from Welbeck posted lots of comments on the blog I keep about them, but they’re too silly too understand I could trace their IP address.

      The Welbeck Group, though not fraudulent, are just as trustworthy as Challenors.
      Kind of dirty in the way they operate, too.
      I begin to think this kind of business is all the same.
      Car salesman with business degrees.

      Check the blog out-

      They threatened to sue me for defamation.


  161. Very well said Propellor!

  162. Well, unless there is a prosecution (and, as time passes that has to be looking increasingly less likely) or unless people personally seek out Messrs Douglas, Hodgson, Carbert et al. and extract some form of payment from them, not much more is going to be achieved by ruminating on this board

    Let it live on as a warning to others but, unless you have a robust plan of action by which to recover your monies, it will do you no good to dwell on the loss any more than necessary.

    I think karmacrusader’s point is a good one that could have been delivered with a touch more finesse!

  163. Thanks investigator, I wasn’t trying to piss anyone off!

  164. This board is a very useful place for those of us unfortunately involved with Challenors to keep up to date with what is going on with the investigation. As for the retrieval of our money the matter is being dealt with by an official ombudsman and at the moment this is the route we are taking to get our money back. However The ombudsman cannot start trying to retrieve any money for creditors until the legal process has finished. We nay decide to take civil action if necessary and I’m sure tat this blog will be a very useful forum if we do. Comments such as those recently made do not appreciate that we ARE taking the necessary steps to get our money vac. I am sure we will all continue to watch the posts on this board and make contributions as an when we want to. People not involved with Chanellors should, in my opinion, butt out.

  165. please send me updates

    • HI Bahava,
      Just click the notify me of updates box at the bottom of the post



  166. Allan Mackie has reappeared as the Business Development Manager for The Worldwide Property Group. Is currently doing sales presentations around the country. His mobile no. 07939-112463

  167. does anyone recognise anyone in the photo on the http://www.w-wideproperty.com/ site?

    • The guy in the video is the same guy, living in Spain, retired but doing them a favour because he so BELIEVES in the product that they’re offering.

      Who are the people in the photo???

  168. Chris Douglas was previously involved with a company called Century Mortgages. This company was also wound up by the DTI before 2001.

    In fact, if you go to Companies House and do some quick research on Chris Douglas, as I did in 2001, you will find that this guy is a very seasoned criminal.

    I wonder how he has been allowed to get away with his crimes for so long.

    The man is like a chameleon, continuously changing, he has been discharged from a number of companies, yet he keeps managing to set up a new scam.

    In the meantime, where are the authorities and why do they continue to let him get away with these criminal activities?

    He must be well connected, otherwise he should have been behind bars by now. the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), then Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, now known as Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and all these other useless organisations allow criminals to get away with fraud, simply because they move at snail pace when presented with clear evidence of crimes until the criminal has managed to get away with it and hide all the proceeds of their crimes. Also, someone from the DTI came and collected all the evidence and mysteriously all the emails I had were somehow deleted from my inbox, so you nevr know, Chris Douglas may have inside connections and probably why he has never actually been prosecuted, that thief.

    In 2001, during the height of the eforyou scam, there were sensible people, accountants, farmers, driving instructors and all kinds of upstanding people who were needlessly scammed by the criminal, Chris Douglas.

    With regards to some comments made after my earlier comment some weeks ago, you have to ask yourself why people will take their time to come and leave annoying comments trying to get people to move on and forget the fact that they have lost thousands of pounds. You never know, these people could be part of the scamming ring!

    I only had dealings with Chris Douglas for a few months, but trust me, that man is a very tricky conman. He managed to con thousands of people around the UK out of thousands of pounds. I am not talking about £10 or £20, I am talking about thousands of pounds. When that happens to you, you feel like you are in something unreal and you can’t believe it is happening or has happened.

    People just want to set up a viable business to feed their family or improve their lives and look at what they get. the most annoying thing of all is that the scammer gets away with it.

    I don’t even remember how I happened upon this website, but all I know is that Chris Douglas probably has another scam cooking, always does because that’s how he makes his living, he is a thief and most associates of his are thieves too.

    Soon after eforyou was shut down, I had received another mailshot from a company, something about a touchstone, I did a little research and found Chris Douglas was behind the scam once again.

    So, do your research before ever handy your hard earned money over to anyone.

    • Thanks for your detailed comments, they’re much appreciated.
      I know someone contacted Jack Straw about Douglas etc.
      They got a very vague reply to the query, which was not very satisfactory.

      And in relation to the person who takes their time to reply to your EARLIER comments (Karmacusader), those comments come from the offices of Welbeck Wealth, a financial services company who defaulted on moneys owed to one of their investors, my partner.
      It was nothing like the amounts owed by Challenors.
      Interestingly, though, Welbeck Wealth threatened to sue the author of the blog, ME, for defamation, whereas nothing has been heard from Chris Douglas nor Peter Cabert.

      One would imagine then, that nothing written on this blog about Douglas et al could ever be challenged in court as it seems to be all true and substantiated by what’s been written about them in newspapers and on the internet.
      Why have they not been arrested?
      Or have they been?
      It all seems to have gone slightly quiet.

    • I don’t buy into the theory that Douglas somehow convinced the DTI et al to destroy evidence and that there is a conspiracy that allows him to get away with it.

      As for emails disappearing, surely people keep backups of this sort of stuff?

      As for not being prosecuted, maybe no illegal act has been committed? Sure the way Douglas and his cohorts have acted is immoral – of that there is no doubt. But from a criminal perspective, the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt is a large one in such matters and maybe they didn’t cross that line?

      As of May 2010, I understand that 5 suspects are still on police bail pending further investigations that are needed to enable the FPS to make a decision (maybe in September) re prosection.

      The Major Fraud Investigation Team for NY Police is, I think, mostly based in Malton and is the place to contact on such matters.

      • Investigator,

        If you read my comments you would have seen that I said someone from the DTI came and took away the evidence I had. Did I say that they destroyed the evidence, no. What I did say is that they take too long to respond to crimes and allow people to get away with it.

        Actually, there may be a conspiracy that allows him to get away with it. He may be a member of some fraternal order, which basically allows him to get away with just about anything, truth is stranger than fiction.

        From my perspective, what Chris Douglas does is known as fraud.

        Yes, I mentioned that my emails disappeared. I used to use a company, which was useless anyway. It was a web based mail service from what I remember. Also, did I tell you that I didn’t have back-ups?

        When you say surely no illegal act has been committed, I find that quite an interesting comment. If someone takes money from someone for something and does not deliver on the agreement/contract whether written or verbal, they should refund my money. Failure to do so is known as a breach of contract. It is also theft, which computes to fraud.

        I can only give eforyou as an example, but when I took a day off my job to go to Darlington for a “training session”, it became very obvious that these guys did not have a clue what they were doing, couldn’t answer any questions about the business in detail and weren’t as slick as they appeared initially at the posh hotel in Kensington, London where they held their business opportunity seminar. It became quite apparent that these guys were rogues.

        At that point some people had discovered that they had abandoned their offices in Darlington. I later discovered, some weeks later that the whole thing was an elaborate scam set up to defraud people.

        Also, if Chris Douglas has not committed any crime by stealing people’s money, why have about 20 or so businesses that he has been involved in been wound up by a number of Government agencies, who then fail to prosecute him.

        I mean Bernhard Madoff was running a scam for years and managed to con people out of their money in some scheme. wasn’t he well known as a sp called upstanding citizen until his scams were uncovered and brought into the open? To me, Chris Douglas is not much different from him.

        Suspects on police bail, well, that really is a joke when we know that that is a time when a criminal, knowing he or she is guilty, has the opportunity to abscond and leave the country, therefore evading prosecution.

        Besides, I haven’t been a victim in the Challenors scam, but merely giving some incite into the crook known as Chris Douglas. The man is very evasive and will say ANYTHING in order not to return money he has stolen/conned out of people. He is also a very slippery fellow, can be hard to find and hard to reach and he is a very well seasoned liar.

        People need to do their due diligence before handing over their hard earned money. I could say this a hundred times.

        I actually recall going to the hotel in Kensington and after the slick presentation, some people just picked up their bags and briefcases and left, these were the sensible ones. Besides, if a business opportunity is THAT good, why is it that scammers are always in a hurry to collect money from people. The only reason is because they know they have to act quickly in order to collect as much cash as possible and then close up shop before people clock on to the scam.

        One last word of advice to anyone considering getting involved in a business venture, if you are getting involved in ANY business opportunities, always pay with a CREDIT CARD. Don’t hand over a cheque or give cash because if you do, your money is as good as gone. If it all goes pear shaped and you don’t receive your goods or services, you can always contact your credit card company and let them know that you have not received what you paid for. This is a 100% better option that handing over money because there is also a paper trail/evidence in case it all goes wrong.

  169. I meant to say, do your research before ever handing your hard earned money over to anyone.

  170. Finances Editor says ‘When you say surely no illegal act has been committed’

    What I actually wrote is ‘As for not being prosecuted, maybe no illegal act has been committed?…’

    Until charges are brought and a trial held, I stick with my view that what went on at Challenor was wrong morally but might not have been wrong legally. I don’t mind being proved wrong on that, but nothing written on this blog goes anyway to change my mind so far.

  171. Yes, well, hopefully charges will be brought and a trial will be held that prosecutes Chris Douglas and co, because it is about time he spent some time in jail for his crimes.

    Anyway, this is a blog, just because you have not seen anything written on it that might be wrong legally, this not mean that there is no evidence offline.

    I just hope the victims have kept all their evidence and keep in touch with each other so that justice is served to the criminals concerned, providing that there still is such a thing as justice in the UK, with all the cover-ups going on here, particularly in the banking and finance related industries.

  172. The address of Challenor Properties, Regency House, in York, is the headquarters of Turner Little Limited,
    now run by James Douglas Turner. The Turner family sell non-existent bank accounts and the like.
    Another company run by James Douglas Turner was Credit Medic Limited. This was closed down by the
    North Yorkshire Police, for reasons that cannot be mentioned in print.

    • Turner Little was / is and never has been associated with Challenor in any way other than happening to have shared the same building (TL was there first, Challenor came and went, TL is still there). James D Turner likewise had nothing to do with Challenor other than a few arguments about car parking spaces…

      That building is shared by other companies (Lloyds Black Horse had a lending office there for instance and there was a holiday park company there too)

      The building is owned by Mandale Properties and is split into a number of offices for letting out.

  173. The “investigator” implied that no one has been prosecuted by 12/7/2010. As the arrests were in 2009,
    it looks as though there might never be a trial of
    any of the four.

  174. apparently the FPS will decide in September if a trial can be prosecuted successfully

    North Yorks Police needs to do some more investigations apparently – it might be that there is no case, it might be that there will be a very strong case

  175. I would like to say that…..Peta House, Church Lane, Skelton, has had nothing to do with Chris or Karen Douglas for the last 4 years. Neither has the address or current residents had any business dealing with Chris or Karen Douglas.

    • What Brid says is correct: Chris and Karen Douglas owned Peta House from Dec ’02 to Apr ’07 (though IIRC they moved out a little earlier in ’07 than April) – they went to Larkfield, Naburn Lane, Fulford, York YO19 4RF next (but I am not sure they are there any longer)

      If Brid ‘knows’ the current owners of Peta House, then it might be sensible advice for him to recommend to them that, as well as posting here, it would do no harm to do a check with the credit rating agencies to make sure that the Douglas name is fully disconnected from the address.

  176. Yes I do know the current owners and they have experienced several incidents such as car being stratched , people turning up at the door,amongst other things, which would appear to be aimed at Chris and Karen Douglas. They are keen to dissasociate this address from the Douglas’s and would appreciate being left alone from any further dealings. Credit rating will be checked so thanks for the advice!

  177. See http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/8345787.Christopher_Douglas_in_the_clear_as_drink_drive_charge_thrown_out/
    This has a picture of Douglas. The man in the picture
    might be too young, however.

  178. I cannot find a photo of Peter Cabert. A separate,
    unrelated musician of the same name exists.

  179. Well Chris douglas has aged and looks scruffy from that picture in the drink-driving story.

    Anyway, as I was sayng previously looks like the man can get away with anything….Probably had something for the judge. I am sure anyone else would have been prosecuted very quickly.

    Just goes to add weight to what I was saying in my previous posts on this blog, criminal.

  180. What are you doing on Wednesday 22nd September…?

    Anyone fancy a trip to York Magistrates Court?

    Four are charged!!


  181. WOO HOO!
    I’ll be there!!!!!

  182. oooh, it comes with a 10 stretch as potential sentence

    potential compensation orders
    potential deprivation orders
    potential disqualification as a Director
    potential financial reporting orders
    potential confiscation


    its a very serious charge with a very high threshold for the CPS to entertain it.

    I’d suggest this has the potential to be a case study for anyone going to law school in the future!

    • I’d give anything to be in the Ackhorne Pub, York, sitting behind Douglas right now.

  183. About time too! Chris Douglas and Peter Carbert should have been locked away long before Challenor Properties ever existed.

    To investigator:
    Chris Douglas is already disqualified as a Director; that happened many years ago

    Follow Karen to look for the money.

  184. Well, we will see exactly what has come of British justice or should we say, lack of, soon after this case plays out.

    Those thieves have probably moved the money outside the country by now.

    Instead of working hard for their money, too busy scamming the whole of the UK to get rich. Devious, conniving snakes in the grass.

    It’s a pity people like this don’t drop dead or die of cancer, isn’t it?

  185. In Honour of the upcoming trial I have penned a little ditty just for the “fab four”

    Just Sing along to the Jackson 5 tune “i’ll be there”…………..

    You and I must make a pact, I must get my money back
    Where there is a trial, I’ll be there

    I’ll laugh out loud when I see you, I have faith in justice too
    Just call a trial and I’ll be there

    I’ll be there to confront you,
    Built my world of dreams around you, I wished I had never found you
    I’ll be there with a fight that’s strong
    I’ll be your nemisis, I’ll keep holding on

    Let me fill your head with pain and laughter
    Challenor , well that’s all I’m after
    Whenever there’s a trial, I’ll be there
    I’ll be there to laugh at you, with a bar of soap for jail time too
    Just call a trial and I’ll be there

    If you should ever find a cellmate new, I know he’d better be GOOD to you
    ‘Cause if he doesn’t, I’ll be there
    Don’t you know, baby, he he he he

    I’ll be there, I’ll be there, just call a trial, I’ll be there

    (Just look over your shoulders, honey – oo)

    I’ll be there, I’ll be there, whenever you don’t want me, I’ll be there
    Don’t you know, baby, he he he he

    See you on Wednesday guys…………….he he he

  186. what happened today??? the suspense is killing me!!

  187. they appeared at York magistrates at 11am this morning, were released on unconditional bail to appear on 4th November.

  188. THE MOST EAGERLY AWAITED INFORMATION OF THE YEAR………..THE CURRENT ADDRESS OF CHRIS DOUGLAS! 81 Centurion Square, Skeldergate, York YO1 6DE has been a tenant in this leasehold flat since 7th June 2010 the flat was purchased by the current landlord on 24th March 2006 for £228,000. A direct debit was set up with Yorkshire Water in June by Mrs Karen Douglas. I hope this is of some help to most of you.

  189. Thanks for the information PI.

    Now let”s hope at some point his address will change to something like-
    Chris Douglas
    Top Bunk
    Cell 12
    Big Ugly Old Prison Somewhere

  190. I texted him last night to ask if he was looking forward to jail. I got one back saying “Who is this please?” to which I replied “Somebody you scammed years ago – rot in hell scumbag”
    All went quiet after that.

    • I actually LOLLED when I read the above comment.
      I might have missed it, but would you post Douglas’s number here?


  191. i found it on the “What we can do” tab on this very site…if you look near the bottom of that board its there

  192. What about Peter Carbert? Anyone know his address or mobile phone number? He should be getting as much grief as Chris Douglas.

    • Carbert lives on Reffield Close, Towcester, Northants.

      • PS – if I remember correctly from my e-for-you seminar in Darlington years ago, Carbert looks like a cross between Tony Slattery and an older David Mitchell, shortish neat dark hair with a side parting.

        Can anyone recall a Scottish bloke called Jim (slim, grey-ish hair) who was involved too? I can’t remember his surname.

      • I remember Scottish Jim from the York seminar my partner and I attended. And the former football ‘star’. What was his name? Dave something?

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  193. I have just read an excellent post on What Can We Do (please read it), and suggest that we cease posting any more comments etc. until the trial is over. I have copied main elements below:

    Contempt of Court

    Just a reminder that, as this case is now live, anyone posting on public forums should be mindful of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act


    Basically, nothing should be posted here that could interfere the course of justice.

    Whilst I think it would be very difficult to do that on a blog like this, posters should be mindful that the case is now live and act accordingly.

    At the very very extreme, you really wouldn’t want Douglas et al to cite this blog and claim ‘unfair trial’ would you?

    So, post with caution whilst the case is live….

    • As admin I could easily disable comments here for the duration of the trial Any comment on that?

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      • This case is now live, anyone posting on public forums should be mindful of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act – For this reason comments are temporarliy disabled.

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